Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy is incorporated into our Terms of Use, and is a legal agreement that can be enforced in court.

This agreement is made between Lettuce Do Good LLC (“Lettuce Do Good”) and you (“the user”).  This Privacy Policy is incorporated into our Terms of Use.

Here’s what information we collect from you.

We collect certain basic personal information from you, such as your name and address to ship orders.

We also keep track of other information that helps us better operate our website. For example, we keep track of things like metadata, such as your IP address.

The above list is not comprehensive, but is intended to give you an idea of the type of information we collect.  Importantly, we use this information to better improve your experience.

Talk to me about password security.

We do not store your passwords on our database.  We currently use PayPal for orders, so any concerns you have about password security should be directed toward them.

Here’s how we deal with “shine the light” provisions and other privacy laws.

We must comply with California Business and Professional Codes §§ 22575-22579 as well as California’s “Shine the Light” law in Civil Code section 1798.83, and have done so by explaining what we do with your data in various other parts of this agreement (this applies to other analogous state provisions).  If you have any questions or feel we are not complying with such laws, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email].

Here’s what happens if there’s a change in the control of our business.

If our company is bought out by another company, the privacy provisions stated here still apply.  We value your privacy and want you to feel comfortable that your privacy will be respected even if a change of ownership occurs.

Tell me where you store my information.

Information we collect through the website may be stored and processed in the United States, or any country in which we, our affiliates, or service providers maintain facilities.

Talk to me about cookies.

Cookies are small files stored on your computer that make a service easier to use.  To read more about cookies, please visit   We may use cookies to improve the services that we offer.

Talk to me about application programming interfaces (APIs) and third party programs.

An API is software that allows a third party to make use of a site in customized ways.   For example, Facebook has an API that allows third parties to use the Facebook platform to make games.  We may make use of APIs (like the API provided by Facebook) to improve user experience.  However, we cannot guarantee the safety or reliability of this third party software.

We also may use third parties such as WordPress or WooCommerce to provide functionality for our site.  In case there is a problem with a third party service, you agree to bring an action against the third party service and not us.

We may send you emails from time to time.

We may send you emails from time to time about our products and services.  You can opt out of receiving these emails at any time.

We may change this Privacy Policy, but we will notify you of the changes.

We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time.  If we change our Privacy Policy, we will notify you.  We may notify you by email, by posting the changes on our website, or by other means.  Your continued use of our app indicates your acceptance of the modifications.