Give plants a home inside your home – without the hassle or synthetic chemicals.

Why garden inside your home? With hydroponics, you can…


  • Grow leafy greens and vegetables in a low-maintenance, soilless environment.
  • Promote wellness and instill healthy eating habits within your family. Kids who grow healthy food eat healthy food!
  • Save 60%-75% by growing your own produce (ask us how!).
  • Keep it local – grow to sell at your community farmer’s market and support your area’s economy.
  • Cultivate your garden year-round independent of growing seasons, climate conditions, pests, and other factors preventing the yields you want.

Indoor gardeners become self-reliant producers as well as consumers, all the while promoting nutrition in their own homes and communities. In a space as large as a typical household cabinet (
48″L x 29″W x 74″H) and fewer running watts than an electric can opener, hydroponic indoor gardens are easy to use and maintain in your home.


Not sure where to start? We got you covered – each purchase comes with digital video tutorials to help you make the most of your indoor gardening system.


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