Grow Herbs, Greens, and Micro-Greens In House All Year!

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Engage customers and create an atmosphere in your restaurant with hydroponic indoor gardens. Invite visitors to watch their meals come to life and feel confident in where they came from. Join the farm-to-table movement for fresh, easy-to-grow produce all year long.

Consumers are more health-conscious than ever, and the boom in urban agriculture continues to attract attention. With hydroponics, roots live only in nutrient-rich water, defeating mess from soil growing methods without sacrificing quality.


Our Indoor Gardens


  • Low Maintenance (Less than an hour a week)
  • Easy to Get Started
  • Use 95% less water, and 70% less “fertilizers” than outdoor farming
  • No Harmful Pesticides or Herbicides


No experience? No problem – we created step-by-step digital video tutorials to help you get growing.

Our Products

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