Large Hydroponic LED Garden


512 Plants at a Time

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Bring your garden indoors and enjoy it all year long! Our largest hydroponic LED garden uses light emitting diodes to replace the sun and are spectrum specific to grow the most delicious and nutrient rich greens possible. The garden was designed to grow fresh leafy greens and herbs like lettuce, kale, basil, parsley and more! However, it can also grow radishes, flowers, dwarf peppers/tomatoes and even strawberries!


The hydroponic LED garden includes step by step instructions for assembling and growing with ease! We show you how to grow hydroponically from seed to harvest.


Our convenient supply packages contain plant nutrients, testing meters, seeds, growing medium and more to keep you growing for months!


We have done the research and testing on all of the products we offer so that you don’t have too! We proudly use Active Aqua and Botanicare products.

Garden uses 154 watts of electricity

Grow up to 512 plants at a time

Dimensions 48″L x 29″W x 74″H

Assembly Required

Additional information

Additional information

Color Choice

Beige, Silver

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